Cooking lobster alive : Pork roast cooking directions

Cooking Lobster Alive

cooking lobster alive

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It’s That Venison Jerky Time of Year!

It’s That Venison Jerky Time of Year!

©2010 Susan Ogden-All Rights Reserved Images Thruthelookingglass

At the risk of ticking off PETA....bring it on!

i used to think they were sooooooooo cute.....i even gave them corn, names and salt licks for the winter....that was when i was young(er) and naive.... and did not know that meant they would tell all of their friends east of the Pocono Mts to take up permanent residency in my yard! They have a communication system that puts the US Postal Service to shame!

i would come in from being out for the evening to find them scattered all over the lawn sleeping, as tho it was a scout sleepover(i am talking a herd of 20 of them!)....they would pick up their heads and whisper....”oh, it’s just fear....go back to sleep.” and then lay their heads back down and doze off. It has gotten so “redunculous”, as my daughter says, that they walk right up to the windows and peer inside as i work at the kitchen sink, or on the office computer....all the while munching on the “salad bar” as my husband refers to the flower gardens and foundation plantings....which we have replaced twice already, in spite of deer netting....but the final straw is when they actually CHASE you....or follow you like they are your pet....and entire herds graze the property like cattle, day or night.

i never ate venison....thought it was rather gross, actually....until my newest son in law, Russ came to stay with us for a year when my daughter got a job here in jersey. he grew up hunting and is an amazing cook (good thing, ‘cause Brittany can’t cook to save her soul!)....and he makes,,,,DEER JERKY!!!!!! his very own recipe that is to die for....pardon the pun, my deer friends! It is a L.......O.......N...............G process, but worth it. my only requirement is that he not let me see him shoot the deer.....i have something against eating it if i see it alive personally, (the reason my chickens live a long natural life!) i can’t even pick a lobster out of a tank! Suffice it to say, i am waiting for the first batch of Venison Jerky of the season....and this time i am going to hide a stash of my very own! It has been known to be pilfered from the large bagged batch by marauding family members that slip in during the day when i am at work! Hmmmm, maybe i should get a safe! ;)



"Holy Mary please let there be a law that stops cooking lobsters alive. Your daughter"
"Santa Maria fai che una legge impedisca di cuocere vive le aragoste. tua figlia"

found it on a visitors' book in a little church near Reggio Emilia


cooking lobster alive

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