Cooking Brisket Oven

cooking brisket oven

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The Great Brisket Experiment

The Great Brisket Experiment

The finished product. I almost didn't get any smoke ring this time around, but it was very tender. It's possible the wood I used did not "stain" the meat much - it's a wood I've never used on beef before. Still, I consider it a failure. I may never reach smoke ring nirvana.

I've never been satisfied with the smoke ring or tenderness of the briskets I've cooked in the past. I've asked some with experience as to what I can do to improve the process, and it came down to lower and longer cooking times. The process is nearly universal - smoke at 200-225 degrees for 12-14 hours, wrapping the brisket half way through.

Since wrapping is basically just baking the food in the smoker, I decided to finish the brisket in the oven. But because the brisket would be protected, I decided to try splitting the cooking process - smoking the brisket the night before, wrapping it for baking, storing it in the fridge till the next day.

"smoked" brisket on a weeknight

"smoked" brisket on a weeknight

3-hour "smoked" brisket: dry rub the night before, then smoked in a wok with some wood chips and smoked tea for about 30 minutes. then finished in a toaster oven at 200F for about 2.5 hours. not as good as the real stuff but not bad for a weeknight!

ever notice how brisket is like beef bacon?

cooking brisket oven

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