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Cooking Turkey Gravy

cooking turkey gravy

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All cooked by me. Sooooo yummy. My boyfriend and friends were super helps by CLEANING UP AFTERWARDS. Man that was so awesome :D I cooked:
roasted 18lb turkey
apple couscous stuffed acorn squash
green beans
rosemary and caramelized mashed potatoes
asparagus casserole (family recipe)
chicken liver and giblet turkey gravy

Gravy is ready

Gravy is ready

The gravy with pan drippings incorporated. The Big Green Egg functioned as advertised and did not dry things out inside. There were more drippings than I could use--probably more than 2 cups, in fact, even though I only started with 2 cups of liquid to begin with. Things do stay moist inside the Big Green Egg.

cooking turkey gravy

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